Membership FAQs

Why should I join NIRI-Houston? Doctors attend medical school and lawyers attend law school. Since there is not a defined degree plan for Investor Relations, membership to NIRI is key in career development and growth. The local Houston chapter offers monthly programming (including speaker-led luncheons, workshops and conferences) aimed at Investor Relations related topics. Joining the local chapter also provides a great opportunity to access and network with professional peers.
How do I become a member of NIRI-Houston? Prior to joining the local chapter, you must become a member of NIRI-National. Upon completing your registration with, you will have the opportunity to click a link to join the Houston Chapter.
How much does it cost to join the Chapter? Houston Chapter dues are $70. These dues help defray our administrative and program costs and are some of the lowest for a major city chapter. You must be an active member of NIRI National in order to join the local Houston Chapter.
How often does NIRI-Houston hold meetings? Our program year is from September through June and offers at least one event per month. Our meetings welcome well-respected speakers that focus on a broad range of topics affecting IROs. NIRI-Houston also hosts several social events throughout the year allowing members to network with peers or just catch up with friends.
What is the breakdown of consultants/practitioners in your Chapter? Currently, 88% of our chapter members are active Investor Relations professionals. Approximately 12% of our members are consultants and/or service providers.
What industries are represented at NIRI-Houston? NIRI-Houston’s membership represents a diverse set of industries. Though we have many companies in the energy and energy-service sectors, we also have members representing chemicals, manufacturing, waste management, power/utilities, telecommunications, transportation, food service, real estate, and financial services, among others.
How can I become more involved in NIRI-Houston? The first key to becoming involved is to attend chapter events. Beyond that there are many ways to get involved. We’re always looking for fresh faces and new ideas. Please contact a Board Member if you are interested.
Who is on the Board of Directors at NIRI-Houston? View the NIRI-Houston Board of Directors page.
How can I sponsor the Chapter? Sponsoring a NIRI event can be a valuable opportunity for your business. Learn more about becoming a sponsor, Email our Vice President Sponsorship at
Who should I contact if I need more information about the Chapter? Please contact our Vice President Communications at or feel free to contact any of our other Board members.