Investor Relations Charter® Certification Chapter Scholarship

NIRI Houston|December 20, 2017

The IRC Credential is a New Standard for IR Professionals

Investor relations professionals have a high degree of responsibility and can make a significant impact within their organizations. This demands competence across key disciplines including finance, strategy and communications. Earning the IRC demonstrates the necessary knowledge and skills in the IR Competency Framework, the ten subject areas essential to performing the investor relations function, namely:

– IR Strategy Formulation                                       – IR Planning, Implementation and Measurement
– Message Development                                           – Marketing and Outreach
– Financial Reporting and Analysis                       – Business Insights
– Strategic Counseling and Collaboration            – Capital Market and Capital Structure
– Regulatory Compliance                                         – Corporate Governance

The 180-page Body of Knowledge book highlights the 10 essential practice areas that an IR professional is expected to be familiar with in order to pass NIRI’s certification examination. The book, which was written by more than 35 IR subject matter experts, provides information on key IR tasks and the variables that may impact how those tasks are performed. Also, on the NIRI national website there are additional study materials under the IRC Chapter Toolkit to support individuals preparing for the exam.

Upon passing the exam, successful recipients of the IRC are expected to maintain their credentials through an active involvement in local and national NIRI groups, ongoing education and contributing back to the profession through mentoring and volunteer opportunities. NIRI Houston Chapter programming will be focused on the IR Competency Framework so that IRC Certified Members will achieve the professional development requirements.

 What are the terms of the scholarship?

NIRI- Houston Chapter will provide two (2) local chapter members a scholarship consisting of the Body of Knowledge IRC Reference Book and the Investor Relations Charter Examination Fee. The exam is currently offered in September, March and June. Recipients of the scholarship will be able to select their preferred testing window within a year of their selection.

 Who may apply for the scholarship?

Any NIRI Houston member in good standing with the Chapter and National can apply for the scholarship, although as the name implies, the intent is to award the scholarship to applicants who best demonstrate a desire and a need to continue his or her study of investor relations. One of the greatest strengths of investor relations and the source of one of its greatest challenges if the fact that people come into this profession with a variety of diverse backgrounds.

The goal of this scholarship is to assist the recipients in ‘rounding out’ their IR skill set. The successful applicant will share with the Scholarship Committee in no more than two type-written pages information regarding:

     – Career goals (short-term and/or long-term)              – Commitment to continuing education
     – Background and years in IR or related fields             – Expected benefits from the IRC
     – Involvement in NIRI, local meetings and/or the SW NIRI Conference                                                                                     – Financial need, including if your current employer would fund certification

How do I apply?         

Submissions for the 2018 scholarships are due by February 1, 2018. Recipients will be able to apply for any one of the three exams being held in 2018. Questions and submissions can be addressed to

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